We believe parasite protection for cats should be straightforward

Complexity for vets

Vets are often faced with the complexity of combining parasiticide treatments
There are concerns around owner awareness and compliance
Vets have to consider variations in cat and owner lifestyles
They are seeking products that are easy to administer and cover all types of UK parasites1

Complexity for owners

43% of owners say they feel guilty, stressed or worried about giving medication to their cats2
1 in 2 find having to administer more than one product to be confusing2
65% of cat owners would prefer to treat for parasites every 3 months3

Vets and cat owners are seeking a product that can help make their life simpler

Enter Felpreva®… A groundbreaking product that offers an all-in-one solution to feline parasite control.

An innovative combination of active ingredients developed specifically for cats

Just 4 applications per year, aims to support pet owner compliance.

Treatment against all major types of feline parasites in the UK, including tapeworm.

A simple spot-on solution containing emodepside, praziquantel and our new breakthrough active – tigolaner.

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Felpreva - Vet Detailer

Felpreva® Vet Detail Aid

A vet’s go-to guide for a clinical description of Felpreva® – what it is, what are its benefits and how it works.

'It's about time' report

The report gives insights and tips into the key time pressures that veterinary professionals and practices currently face.

Vetoquinol is here to support you

To help you break through the challenges standing in the way of effective parasite control, we have developed a wealth of materials to help support you, your practice and your clients – so you can deliver a successful parasite regimen.


Discover the latest thinking in parasitology with the most recent insights, reports, webinars and articles – all at your fingertips.

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We’re providing everything you need to support you using Felpreva® within your practice – making life easier for you and your clients.


We’re here to answer any questions you may have about Felpreva® – Check out our helpful Q&As to find out more.

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